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165 – How mySQL works with WordPress


Tools / Plugins

SquelPro is an free open source MySQL database management GUI tool for OS X. You can do all the same functions as phpMyAdmin (queries, view data, import, export, etc.) but the interface is much more user friendly and better designed.

The biggest advantage to me is that it can connect and save multiple database connections on different hosts to make them easy to access. All you have to do is connect using your domain name/IP address and cPanel credentials and then you’ll have access to all the databases on that account from the drop down once you are connected.

There are other tools that provide the same functionality and similar tools for Windows as well. This is just one I happen to really like. I’m sure you’re familiar with tools like this as well, but I just thought these tools were just a really nice alternative to phpMyAdmin both from a design standpoint as well as a productivity standpoint because you can easily connect to databases on multiple webhosts without logging into the cPanel for each host.

Listener Feedback

Chris Hoche is looking for an easier way to navigate between different posts in his WordPress editor. The perfect plugin for him is Admin Post Navigation.

Darren Smith was looking for a solution to hide a WordPress username when displayed in the author URL. The solution for him is to use wpWhoosh

How mySQL works with WordPress

In today’s session I explain about how the mySQL database works with WordPress. This is a little bit more of a technical episode, but the purpose is to give you a high level understanding of how important your database content is for your site.

  • What is mySQL
  • What tables are included
  • How to keep your database clean and efficient

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