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Happiness Engineer

Today it’s official. I’m starting full-time at Automattic. Automattic is the company behind

I say that today it’s official, even though I’ve been working with the awesome Automatticians for the last six weeks. Secretly, I’ve been going through a trial rotation to make sure that I am a good fit for the company.

The last six weeks have been incredible. I’m excited to join the distributed team of amazing people who live all over the world!

Each day, I’ll be doing my part to make the web a better place. The Happiness Engineering position is a unique mix of tech support, bug reporting, feature testing, training, and documentation for Automattic’s products and services.

I’ve spent the last three years learning and teaching about WordPress and today, I get to be part of the team that can change the way we publish online.

So what does this mean for Your Website Engineer?

No big changes are planned.

Podcasts will still go out every Wednesday and I still plan on continuing the free monthly webinars.

My goal is to still provide you with the best WordPress information to help you creating amazing websites.

WordPress Consulting

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to continue my WordPress development / consulting business.

Over the last few months, I’ve been putting together a list of developers who are WordPress developers.

I’m not sure my plans here, but I’d love to put together a referral network so I can share the project inquiries I get.

If you’d like to be part of that network, please email me:

Always Hiring

If you’re as big of a WordPress fan as I am, you should apply too!

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    • MarkLazenby Reply

      Congratulation Dustin, a great effort! Best wishes to you and your family at this wonderful news and thank you for all your valuable insights over the past few years onYWE.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) Reply

      Congratulations Dustin! Well deserved!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • cliftonhatfield Reply

      Very awesome Dustin! Well done my friend! Keep us posted!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • SergioRodriguez Reply

      Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect dream job for you. Keep us in the loop, as always.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • CarlosCue Reply

      Congratulations Dustin, your passion and dedication shines through and I am glad to hear that you will continue with your podcast.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • Robey Lawrence Reply

      That’s amazing news. Good on you!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • lynntotherescue Reply

      What you’ve accomplished over the last 3 years is amazing and your story is a testament to the planning, thought and plain hard work you’ve put into your business.I’ve seen it happen to others and it’s great that the thing you’ve worked so hard for has led you to something this cool. I can completely understand how you liken it to working at Disney World. Way to go!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • bcollyer Reply


      Dustin that is fantastic!  I am so excited for you, this will be a great move for you, keep up the good work, and help make WP even better.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • Michael Boll Reply

      Hi Dustin,

      I have been enjoying your podcasts for almost two years now.   Way to go!  I think working there would be a blast.  Thanks for continuing with the podcast.  Maybe you can be their next spokesperson!.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • stefangr Reply

      In the words of the man currently known as Dustin “Awesome”!
      That is wonderful news, congratulations on all your hard work paying off.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • Daniel Kramer Reply

      I’m happy to hear that you’ll still be doing the podcast. We can hear the excitement in your voice when you record. Your enthusiasm for the WP platform has really paid off for you. I love to see good things happen for good people.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      Daniel Kramer Thanks Daniel!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      stefangr thank you sir! It truly is awesome 🙂

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      Michael Boll I don’t know about being a spokesperson, but I’m definitely a WordPress evangelist 🙂

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      bcollyer That’s one of my goals. Now that I’m on the “inside” I want to help make WordPress even better!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      lynntotherescue thanks Lynn! It’s been an amazing journey and it’s only just begun!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      cliftonhatfield will definitely keep you posted 🙂

      Dec 2, 2013
    • MetalMoment Reply

      WP RockStar!  Hartzler Style.

      Dec 2, 2013
    • CharlieSasser Reply

      This is awesome Dustin.  Matt is lucky to get you.  As long as you continue the Podcast, I am a “happy camper” (and you are a Happiness Engineer).  I think I discovered you around #100 and I have listened to them all since and some of them more than once.  In fact, it has been fun going back to #1 and cherry picking all the way back to 100.  Best of luck.  Oh to be young again. 🙂

      Dec 2, 2013
    • JoeyF Reply

      Great to know that your passion and dedication to WP has led you to where you are now, at Automattic! Your wonderful news was the first thing that came to my eyes when I woke up this morning in my time zone. Now I’m at work and listening to your podcast over and over again, like I do every day. And, very happy to hear that you’ll continue with your podcast. 🙂 Thank you always for what you’ve been doing!

      Dec 2, 2013
    • mrthomasfrank Reply

      Great news, Dustin!

      Dec 3, 2013
    • TricieLane Reply

      Congratulations! They certainly hired the right person.

      Dec 3, 2013
    • chzumbrunnen Reply

      Congratulations and all the best!

      Dec 4, 2013
    • Fostonda Reply

      Congratulations Dustin. I wish you all the very best. So excited for you. Well done

      Dec 5, 2013
    • CascadeVDesigns Reply

      Congrats Dustin.  “Happiness Engineer” fits you well.  I am truly so excited for you.  Well deserved. Automatic is lucky to have you on board.

      Dec 9, 2013
    • AJ4XM Tom Reply

      Really great Dustin. A Happiness Engineer is something that a lot of companies could use. Sounds like the ideal position for you. And I am really glad to hear that your podcasts and webinars will continue. I started listening with #100 and am now going back and doing #1-99 as I drive around. I make a few notes on ideas that you cover that lead me to look at things a different way. Every episode has had worthwhile content and I can not say that about very many of the 100+ podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. Most have useful stuff (for me) about 1 out of 3 or 4 times.Less than that I stop listening. Most I listen to at fast speed on my iPod. Yours I play at regular speed because you give me things to think about and how I can apply them to me needs. Automatic is getting a GREAT resource with you and I hope they really utilize it.

      Jul 31, 2014
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      AJ4XM Tom thanks for stopping by and leaving a message, it means a lot. I strive to keep each show short and to the point along with actionable things each week.

      Jul 31, 2014

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