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166 – How to Push Local Changes to Your Live WordPress Site


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Tools / Plugins

Nate has created a 21 Days to WordPress Proficiency on lift.do

Listener Feedback

Ian is looking for a way to have multi-site subsites get featured on his main MU home page. I suggested Cross Network Posts but that is a little too manual. Do you have a suggestion for Ian?

Adam wants to know the best way to move a WordPress site. There are two different ways
– Keep WordPress in a folder on server
– Use a plugin like BackupBuddy or Duplicator

How to Push Local Changes to Your Live WordPress Site

  • Services I’m using:
  • Set up
    • First create a local copy of your WordPress site
    • Next set up version control
    • Push your version control revisions to cloud via Bitbucket.org
    • Set up a DeployHQ account and connect your hosting account to it
    • Run a deploy and watch to see all of your theme file changes be pushed to your server

Call To Action

How do you push updates from your development site to your live server?
    • n8finch Reply

      Hey Dustin! Thanks for the shout out! You’ve been a huge resource for me getting started. Makes it easy to give back to the community when you’ve been helped so much:-).

      Feb 5, 2014
    • CharlieSasser Reply

      Dustin, this podcast was VERY useful.  Can’t wait until you do a webinar on this. 

      Since I am now an “intermediate beginner” and getting more dangerous, this got me to thinking on a slightly different topic but somewhat related.   

      I know how to move sites around, from host to host and host to local, but when I move a production site from one host to another host the DNS records have to be updated, etc..  So while the DNS records are being propagated throughout the internet (which could take a few days) that means someone may comment on the old site after it is duplicated and moved and some people may get to new site quicker and start commenting there.  The end result is that some new comments would be on the old site and some on the new site. 

      So my question is how do I get the comments made on the old site after the clone is made to the new site/host. i.e. sync the two databases?  

      If I use something like LiveFrye or Disqus will this eliminate the problem?

      Feb 8, 2014
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      CharlieSasser  I think LiveFyre or Disqus might be the answer. I say this because they do a great job of storing comments on their servers, which in turn keeps things in sync across different sites.

      I know my comments on my dev sites are always current even if I don’t sync databases because I’m using LiveFyre.

      Feb 8, 2014

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