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164 – Control, Move, Sync, Backup Your WordPress Data


  • WordPress Webinar
  • Update on Bounce Rate
    • I’ve done absolutely nothing.
    • This week, I plan on cleaning up the sidebars of my site

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Listener Feedback

Tim asks a question about website downtime and notifications he is receiving from Monitor via Jetpack

Rafael wants to know how best to migrate data between two sites, a dev site and the live site.

Ken asks a question on if backing up an entire hosting account can be backed up with BackWPup or if it should be done individually.

Control, Move, Sync, Backup Your WordPress Data

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    • n8finch Reply

      Hey Dustin! Thanks for the episode. I’m currently using Manage WP on there free trial, which gives you full features for live sites. I’ve used their Clone/Migration feature on a site I’m working on now. Pretty slick. There’s a lot of other features on there as well, like backup and restore, but haven’t tried those out yet. 

      Thanks for this podcast. It comes just in the nick of time for me:-).

      Jan 22, 2014
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      n8finch Ah yes, I forgot about Manage WP, I’ll have to give them a spin. Problem is, there’s so many great tools out there, it’s hard to try them all!

      Jan 22, 2014

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