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110 – Is WordPress.com the Solution for Hosting?


110 – Is WordPress.com the Solution for Hosting?

Why WordPress.com

  • It’s a super fast performing, highly available grid that processes only the content.
  • It’s quite affordable, only $13/yr for domain mapping plus $30/yr for no ads. The money spent supports the WordPress community.
  • It’s highly social, powered by JetPack following, sharing.
  • It’s completely secure! Other than having a good password on the accounts and periodically exporting the XML of your pages, posts and media, they handle all the security and backups for you!
  • Rather than a more traditional top-down structure, WordPress.com treats all contributors as individuals with their own set of sites, subscriptions, and authorities.

What was involved going from .ORG powered to .COM powered

  • Setting up a demo account, reserving the subdomain.wordpress.com address.
  • Choosing a Theme. We selected the ever popular Twenty Eleven theme designed by the WordPress team.
  • Exporting the posts, pages, and media using Tools-Export.
  • Importing into WordPress.com using Tools-Import, and mapping usernames accordingly.
  • Launching the domain involved purchasing the Domain Mapping product for a small fee.

When to consider the WordPress.com hosted platform

    • When custom themes aren’t needed
    • For customers who have small budgets
    • If customers do not need large amounts of customizations
Would you consider hosting your website on WordPress.com
    • JoeyF Reply

      Thanks Dustin for another educational podcast! I really love these guys, Sean and Randy! Very resourceful every time. Hope you all will have a great year ahead!

      Jan 9, 2013
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        @JoeyF Thanks Joey! May 2013 be your best year yet too!

        Jan 10, 2013
    • Spices Exporters Reply

      Thanks for your information sharing with us.

      Mar 3, 2013

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