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109 – Important Things to Focus on in 2013


Register for WordPress Webinar – Custom Post Types
– NMX Meet Up – Monday Jan 7th at 7:15am: Details.
– Advanced Developer Course will begin on January 28th

Important Things to Focus on in 2013

For Website Owners
– Responsive Design
– Your customers are probably spending time on your website on their phone
– Do you have too much information on your site?
– Speed
– Removing extra themes / plugins
– Trimming Database to get ride of junk
– Choosing the right hosting provider
– Are your images too large?
– Security
– Prevent your site and server from being hacked
– Attend Local Meet Up (meetup.com) or WordCamps (wordcamp.org)

– How to write better / more efficient code: HMTL, CSS, PHP, mySQL
– Developing functionality plugins
– Custom Post Types
– Theme Options
– How to build / manipulate child themes
– Learn to use SASS to help you write CSS more quickly / efficiently
– Learn how to use a popular framework, like thesis, genesis, builder, etc.
– Share your knowledge at Local Meet Up (meetup.com) or WordCamps (wordcamp.org)
– Contribute to WordPress core
– Answer questions on WordPress forums
– Build a plugin or theme and release on the repository
– Become a terminal / command line ninja

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What are your WordPress goals for 2013?
    • Chad Warner Reply

      You mentioned a web design book club. Is that local, or online? If online, do you have a link?

      Jan 2, 2013
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @Chad Warner It’s an online book club. I’ll send you the details via email. If others are interested, message me.

        Jan 2, 2013
      • stephencross Reply

        @Chad Warner Hey Chad – the book club Dustin referenced is mine.  Information is available at http://www.stephencross.com/web-design-book-club.   We have a few seats available if you are interested in participating.    We are starting a new book on Jan 9th.

        Jan 4, 2013

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