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147 – Keep Your Site Secure and Take Secure Online Payments


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Tools / Plugins

Better WP Security is a plugin created by Chris Wiegman and Bit51. Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox in Austin, TX and an adjunct faculty member in Computer Science at St. Edward’s University and has created a remarkable free plugin called Better WP Security.

In this episode, we discuss how Better WP Security works, why he created the plugin and much more!

Thanks Chris for joining me on the show this week!

Stripe vs Paypal

In today’s episode I have the honor of speaking with Dave Clements from DoItWithWP.com about the differences and benefits of using Stripe over Paypal. Here are some of the questions we talk about in the interview:

  • What is Stripe?
  • Who shouldn’t use Stripe?
  • Why is Stripe the new PayPal?
  • Are the payment fees better?
  • Can you do subscriptions?
  • One benefit of PayPal is I don’t need an SSL certificate, is this true with Stripe?
  • How can I incorporate Stripe into my WordPress site?

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    • zizzytraining Reply

      Great episode, as I listened I realised I HAVE “Better WP Security” plugin. I installed it when the site was new in May of this year but only setup some parameters. 
      This episode has made me look again at this plugin and realise I can do better by tightening up on some more of the “TOP 21” items in the Dashboard – including Number 8 (site availability times), 1 and 14…. Now hopefully I have a stronger setup – thanks for the nudge.
      I would love similar episodes on Yoast SEO , Pretty Link  and  can you explain the whole TinyMCE thing please?
      Paul from London, England

      Sep 25, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      zizzytraining Thanks Paul! I’ll add some of these topics to my ever expanding list.

      Sep 25, 2013
    • rodsalm Reply

      Sweet, now to decide if it’s worth it to retrofit a few sites or not with Stripe.
      Rod Salm


      Sep 26, 2013
    • JoeyF Reply

      Hi Dustin! I’ve heard about Better WP Security many times on your show, but recently tried first time. Quite impressive! Thanks for always keeping us educated!
      By the way, I have a pre classroom question for “How to Build a WordPress Theme”. I’m using a free theme for my website, but have customized to an extent that no one is able to tell what an original theme is. In this case, possible to claim that the theme is mine and submit for repository inclusion?
      Of course, I’m not going to do such a thing, but since I (as someone running WP site for a hobby only) have no idea how people develop a theme from scratch, I want to know if such practice (customizing an existing theme and claiming as mine) is commonly seen and accepted or not. Thanks!

      Oct 2, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      JoeyF That’s a great question! And one that I’m not sure I can answer 😉
      Personally, I think that would be okay. Most of the plugins that are in the repository have been ‘forked’ or started with an existing code base. If you were to submit, I’d make sure that I give credit to the original author in the notes of the style.css file.
      Hope this helps!

      Oct 2, 2013
    • JoeyF Reply

      Thank you for your advice! Looking forward to the classroom and webinars tomorrow!

      Oct 2, 2013
    • stefangr Reply

      Yeah!  Stripe has just been released in Australia!
      Very easy setup and configured it into WHMCS with pure ease.  
      I will now look at intergrating it with on line stores.
      Looks like it will be a great product.

      Oct 7, 2013

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