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131 – How to display Google Sitelinks in Search Results


Listener Feedback

Ed Long asks Have you come across a feature (or plugin) that shows the internal links within a WordPress site’s pages and posts? Perhaps in a tree format? I’ve got a site that’s grown so much over the last couple of years I’m finding it impossible to keep track of internal links.

If you have a solution for Ed, leave a comment below.

Jonathan from ByMEGoogle.com asks why do I use Vimeo and not YouTube. I dig into that question in this episode.

Judi from FarmNWife.com asks What is your opinion of bloggers upgrading from wordpress.com to .org using wordpress to host their site? I believe it is $18/yr. I have friends who want to use this service but don’t know the downsides to warn them about. What do you think?

I share my thoughts on this question and also recommend listening to Episode 110 for a more detailed look at wordpress.com hosting.

How to display Google Sitelinks in Search Results

Brandy writes in and wants to know how to make the links underneath your website appear in Google Searches.

This is information straight from Google:

Q: How can I get those links displayed under my site’s listing in Google’s search results like some other sites have?

A: Those are called sitelinks. Our process for generating sitelinks is completely automated and cannot be purchased or requested. We show them when we think they’ll be most useful to searchers, so one site may show different sitelinks for different queries. If you think the sitelinks displayed for your site are inappropriate or incorrect, you can manage them in your Webmaster Tools account.

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    • brandyhmontague Reply

      hey!  thanks for researching my question.  bummer on the answer, but I appreciate you taking the time to find that out!

      Jun 6, 2013
    • Badgett Media Reply

      Hey Dustin,
      I’m loving your podcast! I’m a freelance web developer and I do project management for other web companies building on the WordPress platform. 
      I love how you share so much about working as a freelancer in the WordPress space. Thanks for all the great interviews and perspective.

      Keep up the great work!

      Jun 8, 2013
    • farmnwife Reply

      Thanks for answering my question. I’ll check out that episode. And thanks for including website owners who aren’t as savvy as designers in your podcasts.

      Jun 11, 2013
    • multicorechina Reply

      Thanks a lot for this useful post!

      Keep up the good work!

      Oct 1, 2013
    • henrywilliamsmen Reply

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      Aug 26, 2014

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