Podcast Episode

104 – Become a Full-Time Freelance Developer

Chad Warner

Website: OptimWise.com | Twitter: @warnerchad

In today’s episode we hear the inspiring journey of Chad Warner, who has successfully transitioned out of his full-time job into a full-time freelance developer.

Some of the questions Chad answers in the interview:
– Tell us what you do at your current job.
– How did you become interested in web design?
– When did you decide you wanted to go full-time working for yourself?
– How did you tell your current boss?
– How have you managed doing two jobs at one time?
– What are you going to do about benefits?
– What advice would you give someone who’s listening who wants to become a full-time developer?

What’s Holding You Back?
    • CascadeVDesigns Reply

      Great interview.  Congratulations for reaching your goal, Chad, and diving in full time as a freelance web developer.  I had a similar story – dreaming about going out on my own as a developer – reading, studying, developing sites for friends/families on the side.  It seemed like owning my own company & working as a full time freelancer would never happen but then my second baby came along and she saved me.  She motivated me to make a plan and now almost 4 years later I can be home for my kids and work FT in a job I love – as my own boss.  You proved it is possible and ignored the people who tried to sway you for any reason (I still get that on occasion from family). There is nothing more satisfying then waking up and doing what you love…and in your PJs 😉

      Dec 3, 2012
      • warnerchad Reply

        @CascadeVDesigns Thanks, Ann! Having the freedom to work when I want and where I want was one of the major reasons I wanted to become self-employed. I wanted to spend more time with my wife, and now that we have our first baby on the way, I’m looking forward to more family time. I can’t say that I’ll always work from home, but at least this way I have the option.

        Dec 3, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @CascadeVDesigns Thanks for sharing Ann! I definitely love working in my PJs 🙂

        Dec 3, 2012
    • glenscott Reply

      Inspiring stuff!  I’ve read a really interesting book recently called “Winning Without Losing” which is relevant to anybody wanting to take the leap into freelancing.  It’s about getting the work-life balance right, and was particularly important to me as I have a young son and wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.

      In terms of taking the plunge, some advice I would give is to get a systematized lead generation process in place.  Even when you are working on a paid project, make sure you are still keeping a look out for new projects to keep your pipeline full.  I run a service for freelance developers called FreelanceDevLeads which curates quality freelance leads and sends them in a daily e-mail, which may be of interest to your readers / listeners.

      Thanks again for the interesting interview!

      Jan 2, 2014
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      glenscott I’ll have to check out ‘Winning Without Losing.’ Thanks!

      Jan 2, 2014
    • Tim R Reply

      Great interview Dustin. I went back and listened to this one a few times. Thanks for all the insights Chad. I’m 26 and been freelancing building websites for clients for about a year now. I also run another online business, but would like to grow my client base in 2014 and beyond.
      In terms of the subject of health insurance, it really was easy. I just went on eHealthInsurance.com and compared plans and picked out a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that fit my needs. You do a short phone interview that’s painless and I was all set. That shouldn’t be the hurdle that stops anyone from breaking off and going out on their own.

      Thanks Dustin and Chad!

      Jan 18, 2014

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