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097 – Software for Everyday WordPress Users Part 2

Today’s episode is another one that has several guests sharing with me the different tools that they use to keep their WordPress websites up and running.

Joshua Rivers

Website: JoshuaRivers.net | Twitter: @JoshuaWRivers
Computer OS: Windows
HTML, CSS, PHP Editor: NotePad++
FTP Clients: FileZilla
Photo Editor: Infraview, Gimp
Web Browser: Chrome / Firefox, Web Developer, Webpage Screenshot
Productivity Tools: Pen and Paper, Evernote

Albert Hathazi

Website: TheLocalMethod.com | Twitter: @AlbertHathazi
Computer OS: Mac
HTML, CSS, PHP Editor: Kompozer, Sea Monkey, Markdown Syntax, Byword
FTP Clients: FireFTP, Forklift
Photo Editor: Pixelmator, Snag-It, Skitch
Web Browser: Chrome, LassPass
Productivity Tools: Siri, Things

Sean Conklin and Randy Sandberg

Website: beAutomated.com | Twitter: @beAutomated
Computer OS:Mac OS
HTML, CSS, PHP Editor: Text Wrangler
FTP Clients: Text Wrangler, Transmit
Photo Editor: Photoshop
Web Browser: Safari
Productivity Tools: RepositoryHosting.com, redmine.org

    • DustinHartzler Reply

      @JoshuaWRivers You are welcome! Thanks for chatting with me it was fun!

      Oct 10, 2012
    • alberthathazi Reply

      @JoshuaWRivers Thx so much Joshua.

      Oct 10, 2012
    • beAutomated Reply

      @JoshuaWRivers @alberthathazi @dustinhartzler Thanks for the kind words Joshua!!!

      Oct 10, 2012
    • JoshuaWRivers Reply

      Thanks again for being able to share my tools with your audiance. Afterwards, you suggested Work Flowy, and I’ve started using that, too. Seems to be pretty good.

      Oct 10, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @JoshuaWRivers¬†Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, I appreciate it and people learned something new ūüôā

        Oct 11, 2012
    • warnerchad Reply

      @DustinHartzler I listened & learned! Thanks for doing another podcast on the topic. cc @JoshuaWRivers

      Oct 11, 2012
    • beAutomated Reply

      @DustinHartzler Thanks much Dustin. As always, we enjoyed sharing our knowledge with your listeners.

      Oct 12, 2012
    • Robey Lawrence Reply

      I listened to this when it came out! I’ve come back to this comment thread to let you know that I’m looking forward to the next one of these podcasts, It’s a fantastic way of discovering and sharing cool tools with fellow developers.
      keep up the awesome work Dustin.

      Apr 23, 2013
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        Robey Lawrence¬†would you like to be included on the next one? I’d love to do another show like this!

        Apr 23, 2013
        • Robey Lawrence Reply

          I’d be happy to!
          I’m only starting out as a developer but I’d be glad to share my toolkit.

          Apr 24, 2013

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