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096 – How to Migrate Data within WordPress


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Jacob (inticemedia.com)
Here’s a free tool to generate estimates and invoices. aynax.com/freeEstimateTemplate.php

Listener Feedback

  • Joe Cannon – I thought you would be the perfect person to ask this of. I sometimes update my posts as new information becomes available. As I add new information, I’d like to change the time stamp so my blog post reflects that it’s more recent. My question is would I lose any SEO juice by doing this? I often rank #1 in google for the products I review so I was curious

Jason asked about the “Enhanced Distribution” section of the JetPack Plugin. I let him know my thoughts on that.

How to Migrate Data within WordPress

  • One thing that I would be interested in hearing you address is how to handle changes to the database. Do you ever migrate the data you use for developing new features or would you recreate them on the new site once those new features have been deployed? Or do you use WordPress’s import and export functionality?
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    • scientic Reply

      Hi, I want to let you know that I am having troubles with the navigation on your site. I tried to get to podcast 46 for the shownotes but somehow I stay on page 6. I just tuned in to your series, keep up the good work, Scientic

      Oct 3, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @scientic Sorry about that! I’ll have to take a look into issue. Can you explain how you tried navigating to episode 46?
        Here’s a direct link to that episode: http://yourwebsiteengineer.com/046-wordpress-custom-login-screen/

        Oct 3, 2012
        • scientic Reply

           @dhartzler10  @scientic Hi Thanks for your quick reply.I tried in several browsers and using the page navigation on the bottom clicking the numbers and/or the arrows. thanks for the link .A suggestion from my part. Maybe it’s a good idea to list your podcast links all on one page so quicklinks are available.

          Oct 3, 2012
          • dhartzler10 Reply

             @scientic That’s a great suggestion! I’ve been thinking about different ways to make it easier to navigate. I’m adding it to my new features list 🙂

            Oct 4, 2012
    • JoshuaWRivers Reply

      PodCastAwards: Your Website Engineer +1

      Oct 9, 2012

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