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090 – Live from Grand Rapids!

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In today’s episode, I recorded a live question and answer session with some of my new friends from WordCamp Grand Rapids. Plus I was able to corner the ‘lead’ organizer for WordCamp Brian Richards to give us some insight of what it takes to put on a WordCamp.

Chris’s question was about live streaming. Do you have to set up your podcast feed differently? Also, are things really live when they say it’s being streamed live?

Alana (alanamokma.wordpress.com)
Alana wanted to know a way to change the author’s name for guest blog posts

Chad (optimwise.com/)
Chad asked about the resources I use to give me inspiration or plugins that I am fond of. I definitely stumbled around this one because of all the resources I use, I couldn’t think of them off the top of my head!

What resources do you use to give you design inspiration or learn about WordPress? Leave your comments below.

      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @warnerchad Thanks for the links Chad! I’ve added build.codepoet.com, digwp.com and the sitepoint.com sites to my RSS reader. I’m always eager to learn more!

        Sep 3, 2012

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