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081 – Change the Background of Your WordPress Site


WordPress 3.4 is out
– Integrated with Twitter to embed tweets
– You can preview changes before they go live on your site
Premium Content teaser
– Include extra bonus content (plugin configuration videos, step-by-step checklist, etc.)
– Direct access to me live to help you with your website
– Starting in July
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Tools / Plugins

Facebook Plugin
– Review from Thomas Frank (ThomasAFrank.com)
1) when you tag people and business from it, it lists them at either the end or beginning of the post (depending on your settings). In the Facebook screen shot on their plugin site, they show it going across the page in a nice orderly fashion.
2) once you tag people you can’t untag them. To do that, you have to delete the post and repost it.
3) If you schedule your post or even save a draft, what ever you typed in within the Facebook options for the post will be gone and you have to retype it all in.

I’m using bMobilized to get ideas for what a mobile website should look like. Find out more at: bmobilized.com/en/

Follow Up

  • Chad Warner
  • Information on FeedBurner (078)
  • Damien’s Question last week
  • Thanks to Seth Dochter for the link. Listen to a great interview between Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker as they talk about hiring a VA. I think the information will be valuable as you look to find someone to help with your workload. Listen Now!

Question from Brian

“The domain briandarylsiewert.com was registered within the past five days with another registrar (Tucows.com Co.). You will need to wait 60 days before trying to transfer. Some registrars allow deleting the domain within 5 days of signup. If the losing registrar supports this, you may be able to delete the domain and signup for the domain here immediately. Check with the losing registrar (Tucows.com Co.) for details.”

Question from Michael

I’d like to change the background image of my site, but I’m concerned with using too large of an image. What do you recommend?

   background-color: #555555;

Thank You!

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– Jim Caso
– Elaine Zito
– David Manning

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    • warnerchad Reply

      Thanks for including my comment on the FD Feedburner plugin!
      You can create even lighter-weight gradients with CSS3. I like to use the gradient generator at http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/. Be aware, however, that this only works with modern browsers.

      Jun 20, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @warnerchad Thanks Chad for the follow up! I talked about the CSS3 gradients in 082, but I forgot to tag you as one of the contributors. Someone else sent me the email about them and I completely forgot, you sent the same information. Sorry!

        Jun 27, 2012
    • JoeAbfalter Reply

      If all a person wants is a gradient background why not just do it with CSS and not mess with any image files ???

      Jul 7, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @JoeAbfalter Yep, I discussed that as a follow up in episode 082. I got so hung up on creating the image, that I forgot about mentioning the CSS option. Thanks for keeping me on my toes 🙂

        Jul 9, 2012
    • ReadTree Reply

      Good episode Dustin, thanks for doing this.

      Jul 30, 2012
    • joostharmsen Reply

      Thanks for this! it’s going to help my blogs/websites!! Keep up the good work! 🙂

      Aug 17, 2012

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