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Run WordPress Locally on Your Mac

As I’m building a website for a customer, I want to develop their site as quickly and efficiently as I can, because the faster I complete it, the faster I can get to the next paying project.

I have found that if I develop a website locally on my mac, it saves me a ton of time, because I never have to wait for a file to be uploaded to a server. As soon as I save the file, I can refresh on my computer and I can see the modifications. There are many more benefits to run WordPress locally.

Today I have a video that shows you exactly how to set up MAMP on your computer to run your development sites on your computer.

This is also great if you want to work on a website when you know you’ll be offline, like flying or at the beach. You can be set up in less than 10 minutes and I think you will enjoy the flexibility you have for developing locally.

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    • ultgames Reply

      Do you need to put a wordpress folder inside each of your site folders.
      Dropbox / YWE / wordpress
      Dropbox / BNI / wordpress
      Or do you just install the contents of the wordpress folder into the YWE folder?
      Hope that makes sense.
      A quick way around the gatekeeper settings is to right click on an app and open from the contextual menu. This will then always allow that app to run normally without having to change your system preferences.
      Thanks for the video.

      Oct 3, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @ultgames You don’t have to put WordPress into a file called wordpress. I actually put mine in an html folder and I have other related content in the YWE or BNI folder like photoshop images / messages from clients, etc.

        Oct 4, 2012
    • Brian Wallace Reply

      Dustin, great video.  I found WAMP for PC that looks very similar.  My question is about this video part 2.  Once you have finished building the site what files do you upload.  I am currently running thesis and with thesis 2.0 I thought I would try and build my site locally and then upload the whole thing rather than slowly building it in front of my visitors.

      Oct 4, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @Brian Wallace When you are ready to upload, I normally sort my files by last edit date and update all of the most recently uploaded files from themes / plugins / uploads. You would only have to upload images in current month folder, ie 2012/10. Make sense?

        Oct 5, 2012
        • Brian Wallace Reply

          @dhartzler10  @Brian Wallace Sort of…I’m new at this so I think maybe I’ll ask again when I get there.  Or better yet after my local site is built I’ll higher you to teach me how to do it 🙂

          Oct 8, 2012
          • dhartzler10 Reply

            @Brian Wallace Fair enough 🙂

            Oct 9, 2012
    • flipski Reply

      Dustin, great tip and video! This makes trying new features and graphics so much easier. Do you have a video or resource that will show how to migrate this to a live web based WP site?

      Mar 27, 2013
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @flipski Try this video: It explains how to move from one host to another, but you use the same steps to move from local to a host.

        Mar 28, 2013
        • flipski Reply

          @dhartzler10 @flipski great stuff Dustin. Keep up the awesome work!

          Mar 28, 2013
    • bj_lee_ Reply

      I created a database but it didn’t show up in my Sites folder.  What may I be doing wrong?

      Jul 1, 2013
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        bj_lee_ you won’t see the database in your Sites folder. The only way to access the database will be through your MAMP start page. (Open up MAMP and click on ‘Open start page’)

        Jul 1, 2013

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