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515 – WordPress State of the Word Recap


Is there a plugin for that?

With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an interesting plugin form the repository.

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Surge is a caching plugin that generates and serves HTML files for your WordPress site, which is over 70% faster than the stock WordPress loading time.

State of the Word Recap

  • Matt came straight from Antarctica
  • 8 new core committers were added to the WordPress project
  • Redesign of the WordPress.org/news
  • More work on Openverse in 2021. It’s as easy as searching for an image in the media library, adding it to your site, and checking a box to automatically add attribution to the author. More than 600 million images and they will be adding 2 million audio files in 2022
  • Pattern Directory – this is a way that anyone can share combinations of blocks as a pattern that anyone can use.
  • Polyglots update – nearly 16,000 active translators and there has been an increase in 76% of the language packs in core. And at release of 5.8, WordPress was fully translated into 71 languages
  • 73 workshops and 70 lesson plans on http://learn.wordpress.org. You can volunteer to help folks go through a course and answer any questions. It’s going to be more prominent on the website as people navigate from the “Powered by WordPress” at the bottom of websites.
  • WordPress is now at 43.1% of the web (up from 39.1). Doubled the amount of themes and 11.63% more downloads of the core software. Next biggest competitor is Shopify at 4.4%. Wix and Squarespace are both at 1.8%.
  • Security – 30 contributors to security patches, 1/3 of them were first time contributors. 71% of submitted were closed due to not applicable. And 5.6% were closed because of duplicates.
  • There are now 28 block themes, including TwentyTwentyTwo
  • With 5.9 you can now manage your sidebar area of your site with the block editor, you can add image filters (it’s like grayscale with colors and you can change all your images on your site to have the same color scheme), and you can nearly customize everything from the WordPress dashboard.
  • 590 committers to WordPress 5.9 – more updates when 5.9 comes out
  • 42 different acquisitions in 2021. Just to name a few – Modern Tribe, Pagely, Yoast, GiveWP, Post Status, PocketCasts, DayOne, SomewhereWarm and many more
  • 5 for the future – 2 hours per week is 5% of your time back to WordPress
  • Four phase of Gutenberg –
    • 2018 easier editing
    • 2019 Customizations (still in progress)
    • 2023 Collaboration – not starting this year to work on the Customization phase
    • 202? – Multilingual
  • How has WordPress helped grow your story #iLoveWP
  • WordCamp Sevilla – 101 attendees, 17 speakers first WordCamp after 17 months of virtual WordCamps
  • WCUS 2022 San Diego

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