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392 – A Look Inside an Automattic Team Meetup Week


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A Look Inside an Automattic Team Meetup Week


  • Up at 4:30am to get to the airport in Dayton
  • Landed in Montreal and navigated to the hotel by 11:30am
  • Live chat and tickets with the team
  • O’Noir with the team for dinner


  • Quick 40 minute walk to start the morning
  • 9am roll call
  • WooCommerce case studies (sample examples of store configurations) until lunch
  • Lunch
  • More case study work until about 5:30pm
  • Quick call home with the family
  • WordPress 15th celebration with the Montreal WordPress Meetup Group
  • Dinner at Else’s with teammates
  • Bed by 11pm


  • Up early for a walk (70 minutes)
  • Met the team at 9:30a
  • Spent time setting up a complex Booking / Subscription / Membership site
  • Quick lunch and ate on the hotel’s rooftop
  • Metro to the other side of the city for team building activity of Escape the Room
  • Back to the office for 2 hours of wrap-up work for the day
  • A handful went to a karaoke place and a few hiked up Mont Royal to watch the full moon rise. It was awesome!
  • Then walked back to the hotel for an awesome 20,000+ step day


  • Recorded podcast and published
  • Up early for another walk
  • Got to the coworking space early to take care of some personal moving items
  • Worked on Case Study 4
  • Venezuelan lunch
  • Axe throwing at Rage
  • Notre Dame light show
  • Localmattician dinner
  • Drinks and dessert on the rooftop of the hotel


  • Later start to the day with the team, still took a long walk since I’d be traveling most of the day
  • First order of business was to take a team photo and it included Jen on an iPad since she wasn’t able to make the trip
  • Then we worked a bit on wrapping up the team project
  • I took a Tesla Taxi to the airport
  • Flew to Atlanta, (sidenote, I hate flying the wrong direction when traveling)
  • Sat in Atlanta for a few hours and watched the NBA finals
  • Finally made it home at 12:30am Eastern time


  • I learned a lot about my team mates while walking to events
  • I picked up some neat workflows that will make me more efficient
  • I enjoyed sharing my knowledge about WooCommerce to those who don’t focus on WooCommerce support

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