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133 – Stay Informed with Your Website Stats


Stay Informed with Your Website Stats

In this episode, I talk with Dan Norris of inform.ly and he shares some great benefits about why we should be collecting stats about our websites, how we can see what people are doing on our sites and how you can send out detailed reports to your clients.

Plus we talk about how to calculate website conversions and what to do with that information.

    • JunaidRehman Reply

      Hi sir, Can you please make a podcast explaining the wordpress resources for new wordpress developers and how a new developer can become expert to get work from freelancer sites. Also please tell us how you get your clients. I regularly visit your site and get motivation from you. I appreciate your hard work making this site awesome. Thanks.

      Jun 19, 2013
    • Badgett Media Reply

      Loved the focus on conversions and quality metrics. Personally when it comes to building a site for a client, managing a PPC campaign, developing a marketing strategy, etc. I like to mix intuition with data-driven decisions. I used to be light on the data side. Now that I’m more open to the data, I’ve seen a significant increase in effectiveness. However gut level intuitive decisions for WordPress design, development, and marketing are still an important part of the mix.
      Dan’s tracking product looks very cool.
      Great interview Dustin!

      Jun 23, 2013

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