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123 – How to Interpret What a Client Wants


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How to Interpret What a Client Wants

Charlie from South Africa

  • What is the best procedure of getting to know what a client wants?
  • Do you have a set procedure?
  • Do you give the client a list of sites to visit and let them choose which format they prefer?
  • Do you give them a questionnaire?
  • Maybe the Steve Jobs method is best. Don’t ask them what they want, tell them what they want.

My Steps to Determining What a Client Wants

  • First my work with us page http://hartzlerdm.com/work-with-us/
  • Follow up the email request with either a phone call or an email
    • The purpose is to try to get to know what your client is looking for
  • Find some themes that do approximately what they are looking for and share with client
  • Tools to help clients communicate with you:
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