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101 – What is Your WordPress Backup Strategy


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Tools / Plugins

Jacob from Intice Media – signature tool online at sigwich.com

Rick PerkinsCorel’s Paintshop Pro. It has 80% of the Photoshop functionality but only costs $70 (and it often goes on sale for less). So, if you are a Windows person and you need to keep your costs down, I would highly recommend you check it out.

Listener Feedback

Joe Cannon previous question – I thought you would be the perfect person to ask this of. I sometimes update my posts as new information becomes available. As I add new information, I’d like to change the time stamp so my blog post reflects that it’s more recent. My question is would I lose any SEO juice by doing this? I often rank #1 in google for the products I review so I was curious.

Randi’s Response: Changing the time stamp is OK (and actually could be very good) because Google loves fresh content. However, when he mentions “update post with new information” it is important that he is adding more than just a few sentences. Another words, he is adding substantial good content. Good content can never hurt your website. This would prevent Google from suspecting that the time stamp change is a method used to try to manipulate their algorithm.

What is your WordPress backup strategy?

What type of service?

– BackWPUp
– WordPress Backup to Dropbox
Paid Plugins
– BackupBuddy
– VaultPress

Automatic or Manual?

  • Automatic never forget
  • I manually back up before any upgrades or adding a new plugin
  • It’s as easy as clicking a button

What should I back up?

For Clients
– the database
– the uploads folder
For Yourself
– the database
– the wp-content folder

How do I backup my backups?

  • There is no point of having a backup if you lose it or can’t find it
  • You can use a paid cloud service like Amazon S3 or Rackspace
  • You can use Dropbox
  • You can burn to CD

    • JoeyF Reply

      Thank you for the new episode! I always look forward to Wednesday night (in my time zone) for your your new episode. 🙂
      For backup, I use WP-DB-Backup plugin. I’ve tried other seemingly more advanced plugins before (forgot the names…), but couldn’t get it worked as there was something not compatible or not activated at my hosting provider’s server end. I didn’t bother contacting them for inquiry.
      Anyways, good luck with the podcast awards. Hope my votes will count!

      Nov 8, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @JoeyF Thanks Joey! I’ve used WP-DB-Backup before too and it’s a powerful plugin and does the job quite nicely 🙂
        Thanks for voting for the podcast awards too!

        Nov 12, 2012
    • DanielJLewis Reply

      For off-site images, I love the plugin Grab & Save. This plugin will download the image from the given link, and then put that image into WordPress’s media library, thus resizing it and other typical processing.

      Nov 18, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

        @DanielJLewis Thanks Daniel! I’ve never heard of Grab & Save. Sounds like a great plugin!

        Nov 19, 2012

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