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088 – Backup Your WordPress Sites with Backup Buddy


I will be speaking at WordCamp Grand Rapids. If you are anywhere close to Grand Rapids, I urge you to come and check out a WordCamp. You will learn a lot about WordPress and you will be inspired to make awesome changes to your website. Tickets are still available and the WordCamp is August 18th & 19th.

Backup Your WordPress Sites with Backup Buddy

The three main features of Backup Buddy are:
1. Backup
Backup your entire WordPress installation, plus any other files on your server. You can also choose which files not to back up. Schedule to backups to take place when you want them to and send them to off-site storage places like Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud.

2. Restore
Restore your WordPress site fast. Using importbuddy.php, you can reset WordPress; your themes, your widgets, your plugins, and all your custom modification. You can also choose to just reinstall an earlier database-only backup if you choose.

3. Move
Move a WordPress site to another domain or another server quickly and efficiently. This is a great feature for WordPress developers who build custom sites on a dev server then want to move the entire site with just a few clicks and no wasted time configuring.

Other Settings
– View server configuration settings and recommendations
– View database size
– Verify file permissions
– Email notifications
– Directory and database table exclusions

Off Site Backup Costs
In the interview, Cory told me that for 10GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth transfer on Amazon S3 it would only cost $0.64 per month. With Rackspace Cloud, you are charged for what you use, so 10GB of space per month is $1.00 and you only pay transfer fees when you download a backup, which costs $0.18 per gigabit. Currently this site’s backup is 1.9GB, so it would cost less than $0.36 to download my backup file.

How can you not afford to backup off site?

For more information, browse Backup Buddy’s website.

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    • warnerchad Reply

      What was the other podcast you mentioned, that had recently interviewed Cory?

      Aug 8, 2012
    • CascadeVDesigns Reply

      I really enjoyed this interview, Dustin.  I’ve been using Backup Buddy for all my sites now for a good year now and it is a fantastic plugin.  My test sites are usually built on a subdirectory of my biz website and after approved by the client, I back it all up with Backup Buddy and move it over to the client’s hosting server.  The process is seamless and easy.  Backup Buddy even replaces any absolute image urls from the old site to the new.  They are improving it all the time and honestly it is the one plugin I cannot live without.  Listening to Cory made me love the plugin more  – a really nice guy and so receptive to your feedback and questions.  Great suggestion of having the malware checker in Backup Buddy run on a schedule and email the user if there is a problem.  I’ve been looking for something like that for a while and to have it tie into Backup Buddy would be a lifesaver.  
      Thanks again for another great podcast!

      Aug 12, 2012
    • WPSecurityCheck Reply

      Great post…
      Some of the important things about your WordPress backup is that you store your backups outside your hosting account and that you workout a great backup strategy for automatic backups…
      I’ve described a good mix of daily, weekly and monthly backups with auto-deletion of old backup archives in an article you can read here: http://www.wpsecuritychecklist.com/wordpress-backup-the-plugin-and-the-plan/
      The plugin described in that article is BackWPup, but the principles apply regardless of which backup system you use…
      Just my two cents… keep up the great work!

      Aug 13, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @WPSecurityCheck Great article! Thanks for sharing 🙂

        Sep 27, 2012
      • warnerchad Reply

         @WPSecurityCheck BackWPup is an awesome plugin. I use it to back up to SugarSync.

        Sep 27, 2012
    • joostharmsen Reply

      Thnx, i was searching for a way to backup my websites, i’ve been hacked ones and it cost me a lot of money tor restore! Thnx and keep up the good work!

      Aug 15, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @joostharmsen Thanks for listening! It’s definitely worth the investment to not have to pay someone to restore your site once it’s hacked!

        Aug 15, 2012

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