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084 – Nine Website Faults That Will Cause People to Hit the Back Button


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Tools / Plugins

A new WordPress tool was released to the market recently. Powered by the team of Cozmoslabs, WPNuggets.com was created for WordPress lovers and users and it’s function is to present useful and relevant information about WordPress Plugins.

Listener Feedback

– What type of template would be good for a small doctor’s office?

– How would I go about setting up a marketplace site something like etsy?

Nate (
– He also wants to create a network of similar type sites within one WordPress MU account. How can he make sure that the similar businesses are visually different from each other?

Nine Website Faults That Will Cause People to Hit the Back Button

  1. Large center of the page advertisement
  2. Stock photos of people
  3. Site is hard to use
  4. Website is slow to load (Check Speed Here)
  5. Video or audio automatically plays
  6. Pop-ups take over your site
  7. Your links from Google don’t match the text on web page
  8. Site doesn’t have a clear purpose
  9. Web forms have too many fields
    • MarathonKaty Reply

      So helpful Dustin-as a newbie, this is exactly the kind of information I need! Thanks for your dedication in creating and giving away super valuable content to help beginners out as they work on their WordPress sites! Mine is improving thanks to you!

      Jul 11, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @MarathonKaty Thanks for stopping by Katy! It was great chatting with you today and I’m excited to see learn more about WordPress! Don’t learn too much, or I might be out of a job 🙂

        Jul 11, 2012
    • stefangr Reply

      I have given my site a big clean up after listening to this podcast, thanks!

      Jul 15, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @stefangr Awesome! That’s was the purpose of the show 🙂

        Jul 15, 2012
    • enezar Reply

      Thanks for the great info

      Jul 22, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @enezar You are welcome! Did you make any big changes?

        Jul 24, 2012

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