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067 – WordPress Plugin Showcase: Benchmark Email

On this week’s show I had the priveledge of interviewing Sean and Randy from beAutomated.com. In the past we’ve talked about different things about plugin strategy and WordPress security. Today we talked about a great FREE plugin that they created to interface with Benchmark Email.

The plugin allows website owners to capture names and email address (and up to 26 other fields) of visitors to your site. You can also turn your post or page into a newsletter to send to your audience. And in the future, you will be able to schedule a specific time to send out your newsletter.

This interview was a lot of fun and I think that they might persuade you to change your newsletter provider to Benchmark.

    • beAutomated Reply

      Hey Dustin,
      Can you believe it? We’ve now been on NINE of your shows! Thank you so very much for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to be on your show and share our thoughts with your listening audience.
      Randy Sandberg

      Mar 17, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @beAutomated You are welcome!  Keep up the great work creating awesome new (free) plugins and I’ll be sure to have you on again 🙂

        Mar 19, 2012
    • kennethvonrauch Reply

      Dude, thanks. All your podcasts are really great. I’m a big fan. And you do it even better. Apart from creating really neat podcasts on your own, you also manager to invite interesting people to your podcasts. That’s the way to go. You got it 🙂
      I’m currently using MailChimp but I’m open to something new after this podcast.

      Mar 18, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @kennethvonrauch I’m glad you enjoy the show! I think we all get into ruts sometimes with what services we use because we don’t know of anything better out there.  That’s why I love having guests on the show.
        I’m definitely moving away from MailChimp too!

        Mar 19, 2012
    • stefangr Reply

      I just watched the webinar

      on benchmark email and it looks very exciting.
      Great work guys!

      Mar 23, 2012
      • dhartzler10 Reply

         @stefangr Thanks Stefan! I’m actually setting up a time to interview Daniel (the person who recorded the video) real soon.
        Stay tuned for more exciting information about Benchmark!

        Mar 23, 2012

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