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051 – Cloud Computing Expo

This week Sean and Randy join me from beAutomated.com to share with us what happened at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, CA. Here’s a quote from Sean:

Before beginning my notes, I wanted to express how delighted I am to have confirmation that our niche business building custom WordPress plugins provides immense value to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) like ourselves accumulate years of knowledge that simply get lost within larger IT operations. ISV’s provide affordable niche skills to clients who are very concerned with turnaround speed. The value of custom core applications for businesses far exceeds anything that that cloud itself can provide, simply due to the nature of cloud software being contextual for a wide audience. Also, automation is considered essential for businesses of all sizes to control operating costs and enable superior, unique functionality that puts users in the driver’s seat. Finally, because change delivers business value, we’ll always have work in our industry!

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    • Randy Sandberg Reply

      Thanks, as always, Dustin for letting Sean and I be on your show! 🙂

      Nov 23, 2011

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