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044 – WordPress Plugin Management

This week I had the privilege of having Sean and Randy from beAutomated as guest on the show. They shared some great information about plugins that even I didn’t know. We discussed the WordPress core API features that are able to used by theme and plugin developers.

beAutomated has a great blog post about what we talked about and you can find it on their site.

    • Randy Sandberg Reply

      Hey Dustin, Thanks as always for having us on your awesome show. We love sharing what we know about WordPress with your audience.

      Oct 5, 2011
      • Dustin Hartzler Reply

        Glad to have you guys on. Honestly, I’m guessing most of the audience (including me) would be clueless without your knowledge on plugins.

        Oct 31, 2011
        • Hire Wordpress Developers Reply

          Absolutely no doubt on each and every thought brings so fun to work with wp plugins!! thanks bro!

          Oct 20, 2012
    • Mike Reply

      Great info on the link. I’ve been listening to your podcasts on the “Podcast addict” android app.

      I’m very interested in plugin development and system security.

      I’m listening from the bottom up. Looks like a long way to go.

      Jun 19, 2019

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