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032 – Another WordPress Update


Updates to WordPress
1. New Minimum Requirements – WordPress now will only run on PHP 5 and MySQL 5.
2. Goodbye, IE6 – dashboard won’t work well with IE6, so it’s time to upgrade!
3. New Default Theme – Twenty Eleven is the new standard theme that comes with every new installation.
4. Distraction Free Writing Mode – WordPress 3.2 now has a distraction free writing mode so you can focus on writing and not lose your attention to other items you normally see when composing a post or a page.
5. Redesigned Dashboard – New admin overhaul since WordPress 2.7 was released in 2008. New design looks great!

For all the details about the update check the official WordPress Codex page

Strong Password Examples

tall – a terrible password, as tall is a short word and in the dictionary
tallman – still a weak password as it is still short and contains two dictionary words
tall man – a slightly better password because it contains a space, which is a second character class
Tall Man – a slightly better password because it contains a space, and capitals, so now there are three character classes
Tall Man Tall Man – better password because it has three character classes and increased length.
Ta11 Man Ta11 Man – better still because it removes a dictionary word (tall) and adds numbers as a character class.
///Ta11 Man Ta11 Man/// – the best because of added length.

WordPress Webinar is on July 28th.

    • andrea Reply

      i was kinda happy that WP doesn’t support IE 6 anymore – gotta move with the times!! 🙂

      Nov 4, 2011
      • Dustin Hartzler Reply

        Seriously, I think I was using IE in high school, 10 years ago, lol!

        Nov 9, 2011

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