Podcast Episode

008 – Never Google Search for Free WordPress Themes

Today we talked about an article that has been swirling around the internet the last few days. You can read the entire article here.

We also talked about a critical plugin that you should install and run immediately, especially if your theme is one that you found free on the internet. The plugin is TAC and you can find more information here.

Listener Feedback Hotline:
Question #1, Doug, Virginia
Where do I upload the ebook to MailChimp so when they give me their email the subscriber get the book, just like your send the PDF file. Did you upload the PDF file to MailChimp?

Question #2, Angela
Since we are thinking of changing to WordPress and doing this on our own how do we get our domain “re”registered to us with a new host?? And will changing the domain name to new host happen automatically… and we should be ready with our WordPress site?

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