Podcast Episode

002 – Seven Tips to Find the Perfect Domain Name

Episode Outline:
– Why the title of the show has changed
– Why you should do your research
– And 7 Tips for Choosing Your Domain Name for your website

The 7 Tips for Choosing Your Domain Name are:
1.) Do Your Research
2.) Your Domain Name Should Be Your Website Name
3.) COM, ORG, NET, etc?

Listen to the show for the rest of the tips.

    • u4ia Reply

      The website I am trying to revamp is for our very small town. I've looked at WordPress and so far like what I have seen. It is very easy and fun! I really appreciate the latitude you are given. I've played around with it, made a mock-up site and the town board has decided we should look into this further. Your podcasts have been very helpful! So please keep them coming!

      Currently our 10 year old website is being hosted by a nearby company but it is getting more expensive to host and to make it look better they want close $5000 to basically just make a new template with content updating left up to me. Which is no problem but $5000 for a template, seriously??? The company knows we are shopping around and said we could still use our domain name if we decide to leave. But since we are thinking of changing to WordPress and doing this on our own how do we get our domain "re"registered to us with a new host?? And will changing the domain name to new host happen automatically… and we should be ready with our WordPress site?

      Thanks for your help and the again for the AWESOME pod casts!

      Jan 25, 2011
    • Dustin Hartzler Reply

      Thanks for your kind words. And yes, $5000 for a template is absurd. You can find great ones at ThemeForest.net for around $35.

      As for your question, I believe it is fairly easy to transfer the registration of your domain from one company to another. Go to greengeeks.com and register for a hosting package. It will ask if you want to start a hosting package with a current domain or a new domain. Choose 'I Already Own a Domain" and type the name in the box.

      Then what happens is they will contact your current domain holder (old company) and then the old company will release the rights to greengeeks.com

      Jan 26, 2011

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