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When building your business, I feel that branding is a huge piece thing to keep everything consistent.

Recently, I’ve been trying to create more videos, but I’ve had a hard time actually doing so because I wanted a really cool intro clip that would set up my video.

I’ve looked around a premium templates that I could slap in my logo and be done and I’ve looked on for someone to do this for me for little cost.

Finally, I’ve have an opening video, so technically, I can’t drag my feet any more when it comes to producing video.

Before I show it to you though, I want to let you know that connected with one of the listeners of my podcast and he created this amazing video. Andy Lehman from Lehman Creations did a great job of putting this video together for me.

Of course, even though the video was awesome as Andy sent it, I had to make some tweaks :)

I sped it up and added the background music and here’s the final product that you will see at the beginning of my videos.

Published on: 07 Sep | Video | 3 responses| Tags:

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though you can get all these done with video maker, but I'd like to do it for you.