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117 – 6 Reasons to Learn How to Code

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I’m in love with stand up desks. I’m currently looking at building my own. Do you use a stand up desk? If so, what are the benefits? I’d love to hear from you!

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6 Reasons You Should Learn How to Code

It’s useful even outside of computer geek circles
– You can save time and money by creating a simple program when you combine the knowledge of business with the knowledge of programming

It helps you talk to programmers
– Some knowledge of code may not make you a coder, but you’ll be able to easily communicate with someone who will be creating the program / application

It’s fun hobby
– Coding is addictive.
– There are struggles that you will face, but it is so worth it
– Time flys by

Computers are everywhere.

It teaches us other skills
– Science has shown that kids who learn piano makes them better at math, much the same with coding
– It helps problem solving / critical thinking
– Helps you notice things you might not have noticed before

Programmers are in high demand
– average starting salary for a good programmer is $100k
– no manual labor

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