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Introduction to Google Analytics

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    • MartyVettel Reply

      Great Webinar! I really enjoyed your presentation!

      May 31, 2013
    • DrMelissaWest Reply

      Nicely done ūüôā Merged Webmaster tools and Analytics and learned a few things¬†

      Jun 4, 2013
    • JenniferDekkerEbeling Reply

      Great job, Dustin!  Thank you for this.

      Jun 9, 2013
    • peteszpakowski Reply

      I just recently changed change my website yesterday from atpeace360.com to thegoalorientedlife.com. ¬†It’s been a while since I had to setup google analytics. ¬†Your tutorial was excellent. ¬†Not only did it show me how to setup google analytics but I learned a lot that I did not do with my old website that I setup on this one. ¬†Looking forward to using all your tips to track my websites traffic. ¬†Thanks for all that you do.
      Pete Szpakowski
      p.s.  you will see my website develop over the next few weeks and most based on your tips.

      Nov 27, 2013

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