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Classroom: Child Theme

Thank you for purchasing the first Your Website Engineer Classroom session on Child Themes!

This is indeed a premium product and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t share the password to this page with others.

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Desktop Server
Sublime Text

Useful WordPress Theme Commands

Code for style.css

Theme Name: twentyeleven_child
Theme URI: http://ywe-new.dev
Description: A custom child theme of twentyeleven to be used as an example
Author: Dustin Hartzler
Author URI: http://ywe-new.dev
Template: twentyeleven
Version: 1.0
General comments/License Statement if any.
@import url(../twentyeleven/style.css);
    • ggordon Reply

      Excellent webinar!!  Thanks Dustin.

      Sep 6, 2013
    • Robey Lawrence Reply

      Thanks Dustin! I feel like a WordPress Wizard now, and I haven’t even done your AWDT yet!

      Sep 9, 2013

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