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Classroom: Build a WordPress Theme

Thank you for purchasing Your Website Engineer Classroom session on building a WordPress Theme!

This is indeed a premium product and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t share the password to this page with others.

Below you will find the video, the audio and the slides for the presentation.


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    • RealWITS Reply

      Dustin: Overwhelming and informative at the same time. You really know WordPress. Thanks for the helpful insight to converting HTML to WP classroom event. Randi Thornton

      Oct 17, 2013
    • n8finch Reply

      Hey Dustin!
      A couple of questions:
      1. Did you upload the code you edited somewhere? I can’t find it, and I think you mentioned making that available at the end of the video. I would love to compare my code to yours.
      2. Will you be doing a “Part 2” (maybe Part 3?) that finishes out the video (cleaning up CSS, zipping the file so that it’s ready for someone else to simply upload to their website, etc? 🙂
      3. How is working with PSDs going to be different from working with the straight HTML? I’m pretty unclear about that? Could that be covered in the Advanced Developer Course?
      Other than that, this was an AMAZING video! I know you could go on forever, and an hour and twenty minutes just isn’t enough:-). Thanks so much! Is there a way to prepay for the next developer course?:-)

      Nov 3, 2013
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      n8finch Hey Nate! Sorry for the extremely late reply, I thought I needed to upload something, so I was procrastinating 🙂

      1. The code is available on this page.

      2. I might do a Part 2 of the course in 2014. There was definitely a lot that I left out!

      3. I have yet to master how to convert a PSD to HTML site. That’s on the list to learn for 2014 🙂

      Dec 29, 2013
    • Robey Lawrence Reply

      dhartzler10 n8finch I’m at the front of the queue if you do end up making a part 2!

      Jan 6, 2014
    • dhartzler10 Reply

      Robey Lawrence n8finch Looks like I need to create a followup session 🙂

      Jan 7, 2014
    • Nate Finch Reply

      dhartzler10 Robey Lawrence 
      Looking forward to the followup! 
      And yeah, I think PSD to HTML would be a great topic.
      Keep rockin’!

      Jan 7, 2014

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