Plugin Development

Today, I am releasing the beta of my first WordPress plugin and I need your help! I need your help testing this thing out, before I submit it to the WordPress repository.

In order to participate in the beta test, you need to meet the following two conditions:
– Your website is WordPress
– You have been interviewed on other people’s podcast

This plugin gives you the ability to highlight the different shows that you have been on. Think of it as a “Featured On” widget. This way you can promote your other podcast appearances for your audience.


The plugin works by you adding the necessary information, then you can display random Album Art images in your sidebar. You can specify the number of images and the sizes of the images. The images display in black and white and will transition to color when hovered over. You can link each image to the exact URL of the the episode.

You can also preview the data for the shows that you have loaded into the database.


I’d love to get any feedback about how it works or other features / settings that need to be added.

Download the Latest Version Repository

Thanks for your time!

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below or email me

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