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In today's episode, we take a look at seven different ways to optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 13 Nov | Podcast | 2 responses


In today's episode, we take a look at different options to share our posts with our audience; both via email and RSS. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 06 Nov | Podcast | 5 responses


Changing your theme is a lot of work. Follow these steps to make sure you don't miss anything when it comes to refreshing your website's look and feel. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 30 Oct | Podcast | no responses


In today's podcast, learn how you can increase the number of people who come to your website to read your content and note you don't have to post more often! Full Show Notes.

Published on: 23 Oct | Podcast | 2 responses


In this episode, we dive in and learn why more of our keyword search terms are falling into the (not provided) bucket, what that means, and new ways to analyze our data. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 16 Oct | Podcast | one response


In today's show, I share the exact steps I use to as I try to sort through the thousands of themes to find a perfect template for a project. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 09 Oct | Podcast | no responses


Learn how to easily make changes to your purchased Genesis Child, plus how to use the new Evernote web clipper and which plugin to use for tracking site stats. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 02 Oct | Podcast | 8 responses


In today's episode, we look at how we can make our WordPress installation much more secure with a free plugin and how we can take credit card payments. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 25 Sep | Podcast | 7 responses


In today's episode, I want to provide you some inspiration from the creator Pressgram and an interview about using WordPress for the enterprise. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 18 Sep | Podcast | 2 responses


In this episode, I interview Gregg and Marc from Server Press about their solution for running WordPress on your computer: Desktop Server. Full Show Notes.

Published on: 11 Sep | Podcast | 41 responses