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Next Course: August 5th – August 30th

WordPress Advanced Developer CourseIn early 2012, I realized I had a passion for teaching others how to use WordPress. There were tons of resources available for beginners when it came to WordPress, but no great solution for developers who want to become more advanced.

As I have slowly learned WordPress myself, I saw a void in the market and decided to create my own course for developers. The course is called “WordPress Developers Course” and I’m confident that it will turn any WordPress novice into a great developer.

This course can be yours for the low one time payment of $999 only $699!

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What Topics Will The Course Cover?

This course will cover the MAIN things that WordPress developers should know to create amazing websites for their clients. Here are the topics:

  • Week One: Building Theme Essentials

    Introduction to WordPress Development
    – How the loop works
    – How to create theme templates
    – Set up a development site

    Child Themes
    – Useful PHP / WP Commands
    – Child Themes

    Website Design Checklist
    – 20 Point Design Checklist

    HTML5 / CSS3 Overview
    – Benefits
    – Differences
    – Brief demo

    Introduction to Frameworks (hands on with different frameworks)
    – Thesis
    – Genesis
    – Headway
    – Builder
    – Standard

  • Week Two: Speed Up Your Development

    Benefits of Using Plugins
    – 5 benefits for creating plugins

    Plugin Basics
    – Filter Hooks
    – Action Hooks
    – Benefits of Using Plugins

    Introduction to PHP
    – echo
    – loops
    – conditionals
    – and more!

    Plugin Development: Shortcodes
    – Activate Plugin
    – Add Shortcode Method
    – Attributes
    – Specifying Content

  • Week Three: Add Functionality

    Introduction to PHP – Part 2
    – Includes / Requires
    – Functions
    – Objects

    Custom Post Types
    – Example of Custom Post Types
    – Registering a New Post Type
    – Menu Positioning and Custom Icons
    – Specifying What the Post Type Supports
    – Custom Taxonomies

    Custom Meta Boxes
    – How to use built in meta boxes
    – Create your own custom boxes for client’s ease of use

    Plugin Development: Widgets
    – Intro to Widgets
    – The Skin for a Widget
    – The Form Method
    – Building the Twitter Widget
    – Regular Expression
    – Completing the Widget

  • Week Four: Become More Proficient

    Adding Theme Options
    – Create Custom Login Page
    – Adding Options Page
    – Saving / Updating Options
    – Uploading / Displaying Images

    Introduction to Version Control
    – What is GIT
    – Why should I use it
    – How to install

    – What is Markdown
    – How to save time generating HTML
    – Introduction toWordPress Markdown Plugins

    Recover from a Hacked Site
    – Step by step process of recovering a site from being hacked

    Section on SASS
    – What is SASS?
    – Variables in SASS
    – Nesting
    – Other Basic SASS Features

The Greatest Benefit of this Course

As you can see, you will learn a ton of new information that will help you develop WordPress websites both correctly and faster for clients, so the discounted rate of $699 is quite a bargain. However, most people would agree that having UNLIMITED ACCESS to asking me ANY QUESTION THAT THEY WANT for FOUR WEEKS!

The participants of this course will get my full attention for four full weeks! Plus the questions don’t have to related to the course material at ALL! Want to know what plugin I use or how to move a site to another server? No problem.

If you want to speed up your WordPress website development time and you want to avoid spending months trying to figure it all out, this is the course for you!

  • I put the the content of the course to use immediately on a project. I learned a lot of valuable information about how to use WordPress and it put me in a position to continue to explore WP as a tool for my business. Dustin over-delivers on content and the small community we now have will continue to be valuable.

    Ron Gilleland

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

  • I wasn’t to sure what to expect on Dustin’s Developer Course. I thought it might be too advanced for me. However, Dustin has a way of explaining complicated subjects in a way anybody can understand them. I feel much better equipped to run my freelance business. Plus, I’m glad I have lifetime access to the course materials so I can go over them anytime I need too.

    Fernando Polania

    Miami, Florida

Do I Have To Be There At Certain Times?

Another great thing about this course is that you can do everything at your own pace. At the beginning of each week, you’ll be given a course outline that will provide links to all the training materials that you should consume during the course of that week. You can go through these materials any time you like, night or day. As you go through them, if you have questions, all you need to do is simply ask your question in the online forum and I’ll personally respond to every question you ask during the four weeks of this course.

There will be a total of four conference calls. One each week of the course. The times of these calls are not set yet, as I’ll find a time that works best with the most amount of participants.

You are not required to participate in these live calls. The conference calls are held via GoToWebinar and I will be sharing my screen and creating video training/tutorial material on the fly as I answer questions from the class. If you are unable to make it to the class live, you can submit questions ahead of time for me to cover. I will be recording HD Video of these calls on my end and the videos will be made available for viewing and/or download by the following morning.

What If I Get Behind?

Life Happens! Right? It’s not a problem. This material is designed to be a self study course. If something happens and you get a week or two behind on the training materials, it’s not a problem. Those who sign up for this course are given LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training materials made available in this course.

  • Taking this course has increased my WordPress developer skills. It was amazing what we could cover in 4 weeks time. This was all information that I needed to learn more about. I haven’t seen this level of WordPress course offered anywhere else. It really answered a lot of questions I’d been stuck on before taking the course. It was great to have the combination of demonstration videos and Dustin available for question and answer about the material.

    Susie Karasic

    Los Angeles, California

  • The course was excellent. Dustin is a great teacher and put together a comprehensive course that goes far beyond the basics of developing websites with WordPress. The course has not only helped me build new skills but also provided a network for collaborating with other WordPress Developers. Most importantly, I go back to my business with more skills to bring to my clients making their sites better. I highly recommend this course for anyone using WordPress as a platform to build websites.

    Matt Shane

    Los Angeles, California

I Have More Questions

If you have any questions at all, please email me at Dustin@YourWebsiteEngineer.com


As an entrepreneur, I enjoy many parts of my business, including tweaking and adding features to my website. That is, until I can’t figure something out.

Recently, I worked with Dustin in a screen sharing environment, where I could show him exactly what issues I was facing. One of the issues was easy to fix and Dustin had taught me how to fix it in no time, but my other issue was a little bit more tricky.

As Dustin was troubleshooting the item, he continued to tell me what he was doing and the reason behind it. Those tiny pieces of information helped me learn how to troubleshoot my WordPress site more quickly. I appreciated the time that he took to teach me how to make the changes instead of doing the changes for me.

I highly recommend using Dustin as a resource as he will save you hours of headaches!

John Dumas

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