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173 – Improve Your Email Sign Up Conversion Rate with Lead Pages
Tools / Plugins

Better WP Security is now know as iThemes Security. A free version can be found in the WordPress Repository. If you’d like to have more pro features, check out the latest at iThemes

Improve Your Email Sign Up Conversion Rate
  • Lead Pages create full page sign up forms
  • Lead Boxes are hover boxes that overlay your site
  • Comes with a nifty WordPress Plugin to connect to your site
  • Split test your buttons easily
  • See your conversion rate on a page by page basis


Ways to increase signups

  • Optimize your 404 page
  • Have a sign up box on your thank you pages
  • Include links to your lead boxes on guest posts
Published on: 26 Mar | Podcast | 4 responses| Tags:

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Ok quick question ? Forgive my recreate the wheel approach but i feel everyy owner or designer should have some sort of framework and form creator they are comfortable with using...- with a simple newsletter/auto-responder plugins ( using custom forms ) it is really easy within a framework to create as many lead or landing pages pages you want... You can even set certain pages to show for certain users and or swap pages for a/b testing...Why with the extensive flexibility would you pay for a service that you can set up and customize pretty easily... I would think gravity forms, formidable pro and or toolset would handle the responders ( any membership or digital downloads would handle private or content ) and frameworks like ithemes builder and or ultimatum would be easy methods of creating as many landing pages as you want... I will try and review but with wordpress becoming easier and easier to customize and extend I'm not ready to devote money buying or time reviewing a lead page creator just yet... Yes i know if i just paid the monthly fee i woul dhave more time - not really cause i'm sure it still requires the time of adding content like the above method... Can you explain casue I know you use and have made the decision why you wouldn't just create your own landing pages and forms and so forth? 


Have restored my site and staying away from Better-wp-security or ithemes security 4.0.2 until its fixed. 

The restore did the trick but my restore is a plugin that backs up my live WordPress site to a Dropbox directory. Its an additive backup and so doesn't get rid of old files although it overwrites existing ones and adds new ones. 

This resulted in me accidentally restoring a load of old plugins that I had previously deleted from the live site. So I then had to go through FTP and get rid of the extra plugins. 


Hi Dustin,   Checkout the messages at

My website broke on updating to 4.0.2 as have so many other peoples. I am currently restoring my site from last nights backup over FTP - thank goodness I have a decent backup (i hope).

It seems that this upgrade didn't think through the implications of changing directories and filenames and other permissions. 

dhartzler10 moderator

@NathanSimpson  it's a great question! Two years ago, I would have been asking the same thing. I am fully capable of making the 'lead page' type landing pages myself, but I find I don't for a few reasons.

1 - It's much quicker for me to set up a lead page.

2 - I pay money to Lead Pages, so I feel that I have to use it to "get my money's worth"

3 - Dead simple A/B testing

4 - New designs are released weekly, that look great so I don't have to think about how to design the most effective capture page.

Hope this helps!