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153 – Share Your Posts with Subscribers
Listener Feedback
  • Dan Kramer
    • Question about who purchases the domain?
Share Your Posts with Subscribers

Four methods of sharing via email

  • Manually
    • Create an excerpt that engages with audience
    • Have them read more on site
    • Ask a thought promoting question in the email message
  • Partial Post
    • Automatically sends out excerpt from post.
    • This can be done from most email newsletter programs
    • Since it’s automatic, articles are normally cut off at weird places
  • Full Post
    • Send your entire post via email, including pictures
    • Best for people to consume, don’t have to load a web browser
    • Formatted for your phone
  • Week-in-Review Posts
    • If you write multiple posts per week, this may be a good option
    • Manual or Automatic
    • Don’t overwhelm your audience emails every day

Two methods to share via RSS:

  • Excerpt
    • This shares only a snippet of the text
  • Full Post
    • Share everything
    • You will lose traffic to your site
Published on: 06 Nov | Podcast | 5 responses| Tags:

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Kevin Scullion
Kevin Scullion

Dustin I tend to agree with your answer regarding getting the client to take on the domain registration billing etc but one major drawback is often the fact that the client has no proven registration record when it comes to SEO. If I register a site it will perform well within a few months as I have been buying domain names for years. Google is very nervous of new domain names registered by first timers . Just a thought.Kevin


Hi Justin - just an FYI - I often choose which podcasts to listen to based on the show notes that are on display on my phone (in BeyondPod).  I have to say that I have skipped some YWE shows because the description was only "Show notes coming soon!" which really doesn't tell me anything.  Just a heads up, as I do enjoy your podcasts.  Thanks!


Dustin, thanks for another episode! Disapponted that your podcast wasn't shortlisted for podcast award this year. Hope you'll come back stronger in 2014!

By the way, I use TinyLetter for subscription. This is not for sharing posts, but this simply sends out letters (emails) to subscribers. Quite simple and straightforward to use, hence you have a limited control, though. Initially, I tried MailChimp, but a bit overwhelmed, so settled with TinyLetter.

Btw, I've changed my gravatar. :)

dhartzler10 moderator

@pctutor The last couple of weeks have been crazy around here and I've actually recorded the episode at 5am. Once I get it all processed and uploaded, I put the "Show notes coming soon!" so the episode will get out to everyone's feed and I always plan on coming back after breakfast and pasting in my show notes, but sometimes, I forget :)