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118 – A Practical Guide to Picking Out Plugins
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118 – A Practical Guide to Picking Out Plugins

Techniques for picking the right plugin.

  1. Google what you are looking for ( function + WordPress plugin )
  2. Most links will open up in the WordPress repository
  3. Does the plugin meet the following criteria:
    • Does the plugin have a large banner graphic. This is a relatively new feature within the plugin directory. It helps me know whether the plugin developers took the time to design something creative
    • Next I look at the LAST UPDATED field. I has to have had a revision in the last 6 months for me to consider it
    • Then I look at the number of downloads. If it has a lot, 10,000 or more, it’s probably legit
    • Lastly, I always look to see if it contains screenshots. Lots of plugins don’t so it’s hard to know which ones are good by seeing what the plugin looks like installed.
  4. Then I will highlight the plugin name and go back into WordPress and search within WordPress. This makes it much easier to install (you don’t have to download, etc.)
  5. Test it out
  6. If it works, configure
  7. If it doesn’t work, delete the plugin then rinse and repeat







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