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108 – The Dangers of the functions.php File

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Tools / Plugins

One of the great features in WordPress that is rarely mentioned is oEmbeds. This give the ability for WordPress users to simply paste a link (the main URL) to their YouTube video (and other services) directly into their visual editor. This saves a blog / website owner from learning how to find the embed code, format the application to be the correct size, then switch to the HTML editor to paste in the code.

Main Topic

Dave Clements (
Some of the questions that were covered on today’s episode:
– Tell me a little about yourself. Who is Dave Clements?
– How long have you been using WordPress?
– Why do you cringe when I mention adding code to your functions.php file?
– Where should I be putting this code?
– Is it hard to create my own plugins?
– Can I put several snippets of code in one plugin?
– How can I make sure that some the website owner doesn’t accidentally turn off my plugin or remove it

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