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091 – Nine Ways to Find Paying WordPress Clients

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Nine Ways to Find Paying WordPress Clients

Jeff (@readTree from wants to know some different ways to find paying WordPress clients to grow his business.

  1. Job Boards

  3. Twitter
  4. – Use keyword searches to find people who are talking about WordPress
    – Be helpful before telling them how much it’s going to cost
    – I tend to show them how to do it to build trust

  5. Show off your work
  6. – Nothing says work with me than look at the cool stuff I have created
    – Gives future client an idea of your skills

  7. Make sure your website is updated
  8. – It’s hard to keep on top of our own sites, but this should be a priority

  9. Be very detailed on what the client will receive
  10. – Do you update WordPress, plugins, etc.?
    – Do you give away any changes monthly?

  11. Give information away!
  12. – Like blogging about things in the news
    – Or creating videos
    – All of these thing will rank in Google and lead potential clients right to your door

  13. Get testimonials from previous clients
  14. – Design a simple form that you send to clients that they can answer questions
    – What way the best thing working with Dustin…
    – Would you recommend the service to your friends
    – How could we have been more awesome?
    – Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
    – Add a checkbox that says “Is it okay to use this on my website?”

  15. Ask for referrals
  16. – Once you finish up with a client, ask them if they know of anyone in the market for a website.
    – Offer a referral bonus to people when they bring you a new client
    – Or you can offer a free month’s of hosting or free domain renewal

  17. Send an email to past clients
  18. – This could lead to more work

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Published on: 29 Aug | Podcast | 17 responses| Tags:

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John Treck
John Treck

Another tip: join linkedin groups about wordpress. People will ask questions about certain problems there to which you can respond and let them know about your services.

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Great episode!  I like most of your ideas including using Twitter as a means to grow your business.


Working ok from Australia, hopefully just a routing issue.


Thank you for sharing the tips. Has anyone had any luck with Craig's List? I have the perfect phone for that case :-)

Chad Warner
Chad Warner

It was nice meeting you at WordCamp Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago, Dustin. This episode is especially relevant to me since I’m seeking more client work. All my work has come via word-of-mouth; mostly by referrals from friends, family, and church members, but also from people I’ve met at business networking events, or overflow work from local web designers and developers. I also use some of the methods you mentioned, including showing my portfolio on my site,, blogging and tweeting about web design, and asking clients for LinkedIn recommendations. I just started offering gift cards for referrals, and have contacted a few past clients to suggest changes to their sites. I haven’t yet searched Twitter or job boards, but I may consider that. Thanks for all the useful ideas!