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042 – Add Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Website
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Add Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Website

– This is a free / paid option (pricing)
– Sign up for an account
– They will provide you with a code to paste into your header.php file
– Then you will be able to browse through the hundreds of fonts that they have
– Has a tool that has images from all browsers so you can see what your font looks like in Internet explorer
– You can view the fonts with different backgrounds and weight, plus try your own text.
– Once you select your font, you choose the selectors h1 h2 p etc that you want your font to appear
– Or you can add the fonts to specific classes or id’s

– In order to do this you need:
– Access to an FTP editor
– You need to own the font and have it on your computer
– Use the tool to generate your own .js font file
– Upload to your host and link to it in header.php file
– More specific instructions found here

– Easy to use
– Automatic detection for uploaded fonts
– Graphic interface

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